Office voor community & architectuur

Vitibuck is a Rotterdam based office for community and urban innovation, setup in 2008 by two partners: Arzu Ayikgezmez and Sander Hazevoet.

Vitibuck has more than 10 years of experience with private initiatives led urban transformation, renewal and area development. The results are broad and vary from strategic visions and plans to cultural events, education projects and meeting places with a communal feeling and a lot of attention to public space.

Vitibuck strives for a ne way of city planning where inhabitant involvement will lead to more tailored solutions for a street, a neighbourhood or an area; a future where inhabitants got more support, trust and possibilities to shape their living environment and actively contribute to a more social and beautiful neighbourhood on basis of equivalence.

What can Vitibuck do for you?

As a firsthand expert Vitibuck supports inhabitant initiatives from the scratch. Together with the initiators the problem is defined. With their background in architecture Vitibuck can quickly visualize the possibilities and make options visible. Through years of experience with private initiatives Vitibuck has a strong understanding of the opportunities for funding and can examine the feasibility. They guide you through the whole process till realisation.