Speeltuinloge Dakpark

    “Is it a building, a landscape or a play object?” Or actually all together.


    Playing on the roof

     A special playground

    In the new park “Dakpark Rotterdam”, a park on 9 meter height on a shopping center, a playground over different levels is designed. This park was desired by the inhabitants for a long time.  Now it is reality and loved by the people.  For the design of the playground lodge, the city of Rotterdam called for ideas; more than seventy young architectural firms gave their vision.

    Vitibuck Architects was selected unanimously by the jury and the playground club to design the lodge. The brief includes a small pavilion, where volunteers can supervise the playground and offer some snacks, drinks and candy.

    The winning design takes the playing child as a starting point and uses the unique location and qualities of the place. The lodge is positioned as much as possible in the embankment whereas the roof of the pavilion functions as a stairway which connects the different levels of the playground. The steps are made of recycled hardwood decking, previously used in private gardens.

    Through the design and dimensioning of the stairs an amphitheater is created where you can sit, watch, play and talk; a meeting place for old and young from the neighborhood. Under the stairs/tribune is the space for the attendant, lockable restrooms and a covered shelter and play area. This space is only available through ‘small’ accesses which are suitable for children. The playing experience is enriched by moving in, on, through and under the lodge.

    The design plays constantly with the question: “Is it a building, a landscape or a play object?” Or actually all together.