PickNick Charlois

    PickNick Charlois is a recurring festival at the Charloisse Hoofd organised together with inhabitants, local initiatives and civil society organisations from the neighbourhood.

    PickNick Charlois

    A mini-Festival op de Maastunnel

    At the Charloisse Hoofd inhabitants could enjoy a picnic on big coloured picnic blankets which are handmade by volunteers from the neighbourhood. Around the picnic the social organisations from Charlois arranged different activities; hula-hoop, tug of war, acrobatics, yoga, photo shoot and more. Marja van Katendrecht was the hostess during the picnic with her songs and bingo.

    Especially for this day the ferry VeerpontZuid sailed between Charlois and Katendrecht. The park along the Ponserpad was for one day a meeting place for the neighbourhood and guests on South.

    A name for the park

    Before the picnic inhabitants were asked to invent a name for the nameless park along the Ponserpad. Which name fits best to this spot? Are there already existing nicknames?

    More than 50 proposals were delivered. Charlois aan het Water has put the most appealing names on a signage. This signage was uncovered during the last edition of the picnic.


    With the picnic Charlois aan het Water and VeerpontZuid want to show how this spot along the water can be used in a better way and how the connections with the city can be intensified.

    For a lot of inhabitants and visitors the Charloisse Hoofd is an important orientation point in their daily life with the cycling tunnel towards the city starting here. For the inhabitants the grass field is also a big public place, not often used and underappreciated place.

    The accessibility of Charlois is for a long time a serious issue for inhabitants. Now that the Maastunnel is closed for two years this is just getting worse. Meanwhile the ferry is a good solution to link the Southside with the north side of the city.

    With special thanks to:
    Gebiedscommissie Charlois, Woonstad Rotterdam, Havenbedrijf Rotterdam, Gemeente Rotterdam, Stichting Bevordering van Volkskracht, Stichting De Nieuwe Nachtegaal, Stichting KICK, Bewonersorganisatie OVDB, TOS, Veldacademie, Cultuurwerkplaats Tarwewijk, DOCK, Stedelinks010, Juliette-Events, Cafe Teddybear, De Tenders, Susana Pedrosa, John van der Jagt, May Duits, Kanja&Olive, Nurcan Kaya, Dilek Bayraktar, Anja El Boudgani