Kepez Light

    Kepez Light is a transformation strategy to realize a futureproof urban neighbourhood in the former “gecekondu” area (which literally means “build in one night”) together with the local inhabitants by respecting the existing character of the area and offering the inhabitants new economic incentives.


    a transformation strategy

    Together with the local inhabitants

    The district of Kepez has an urban structure of detached low-rise housing, illegally built and in a bad condition, imbedded in a green surrounding. The challenge lies in the transformation of this area into a fully integrated part of the city whilst conserving the garden city character and giving the present inhabitants a chance to stay.

    “Kepez Light” offers a humanistic, sustainable development strategy based on densification by means of horizontal extension instead of vertical. This is reached by a systematical definition of the future property boundaries, incorporating the existing valuable building substance, an introduction of a flexible and economically attractive building system, inspired by glasshouses from the surroundings, clear rules about density, heights and alignment and finally an approach based on communication, incorporating the wishes of the municipality and the present inhabitants.