Boshuis Joppe

    The forest house Joppe is in the middle of a larch forest. The existing holiday home is extended with a new wing. This joins as a chameleon in its green environment. Through specific openings, the experience of the forest is intensified from inside out.

    Boshuis Joppe

    Inside -Ouside

    The extension for a holiday home in the woods near Joppe is tucked away on a large plot with larch trees. The new wing is architecturally separated from the existing wooden house. The facades of the new part are covered with natural stone slates in reddish-brown tones. The scaly house ensures the interweaving of landscape and building through its colour scheme and materialisation.

    The design has a more closed and introverted exterior that fits well with the use: rest and sleep. Inside, light and orientation is deliberately used to create three very different bedrooms; in one room your pillow literally protrudes from the facade, in the other you can watch the stars all night and from the third room you walk into the forest.

    The building is completely made up of Structural Insulated Panels, short SIPSs. The self-supporting wooden sandwich panels are prefabricated and assembled on location in less than a month. Inside, the panels are finished with spruce slats. The interior is tailored for the functions and the desired use and designed to be as compact as possible. The beds and storage rooms are built in so that there is no need of furniture.