“Wij maken ruimte voor elkaar; ruimte voor ontmoeting en samenwerking in een socialere en mooiere stad!”



    Stadslab Special – Park Maashaven


    Burgerinitiatief ‘Hofbogen Tavolata’


    AFFR – Debat over Rotterdam Zuid


    The design for the entrance hall is based on the idea of a new core: a place to “catch your breath” or wait for a taxi or visitors. A place to have a chat with other residents. This way the hall is not only a transit place but also a meeting place.

    Entrance Lloydtower

    De Quaker Elevator krijgt als industrieel erfgoed een nieuwe betekenis in de vorm van het ‘Silotel’. De stapeling van containerunits sluit aan bij het industriële karakter en zorgt unieke uitzicht vanuit elk unit.


    Graaf van Portland is an approachable cafe-restaurant in the Buijtenland of Rhoon. A place where young and old can eat, drink and children can play. Graaf van Portland introduces visitors to the history of this place, the agricultural products and the nature reserve. A wonderful starting point to discover the area.

    Graaf van Portland

    The forest house Joppe is in the middle of a larch forest. The existing holiday home is extended with a new wing. This joins as a chameleon in its green environment. Through specific openings, the experience of the forest is intensified from inside out.

    Boshuis Joppe

    As an expert in placemaking and programming, Vitibuck was asked by Veldacademie to come up with a concept to make the District E centre development in Eindhoven a reality in the short term.

    Placemaking District E

    Stadslab Maashaven is a living lab in Rotterdam South. In this part of the city about 180 nationalities live. Connecting these different inhabitants with each other, with entrepreneurs and city planners is the main focus of the living lab. An inclusive planning for an inclusive city is our goal.

    Stadslab Maashaven