A pavilion in the Vroesenpark – the Vroesenpaviljoen. Since 2015 a big success, where you can eat&drink and which offers a podium for cultural activities organised for and by inhabitants.


    A meeting place for young and old

    In 2006 inhabitants of the neighbourhood of  Blijdorp took the initiative to realize a pavilion in the local Vroesenpark. Therefore a foundation was setup.  Vitibuck Architects one of the initiators of this project where together with the neighbourhood is the starting point.

    The pavilion has a central position in the park between the old trees along the meadow; in the middle of nature but also centrally in the city. The park is used by families with children and elderly people who need a place to rest and a have a cup of tea or use the service facilities.

    The building is modest and fits in between the existing trees and leaves views through the park open. The terrace opens up to the playing field and offers an overview of the park. It is a spot in the city to relax and enjoy honest and affordable food and drinks throughout the whole year.  The foundation also offers workshops for children, music events and other activities for the neighbourhood.

    The design takes into account that the funding of the project is in phases. The building is designed as a grow model depending on the financial situation at that moment. Through this growth model the pavilion could develop into its final appearance. In the summer of 2019 the pergola and toilet block were built. The last phase will be the design of the surroundings of the building in 2020.

    The result is a community centre 2.0; here social and commercial activities are combined and the neighbourhood of Blijdorp has its own hotspot.