Stadslab Maashaven

    Stadslab Maashaven is a living lab in Rotterdam South. In this part of the city about 180 nationalities live. Connecting these different inhabitants with each other, with entrepreneurs and city planners is the main focus of the living lab. An inclusive planning for an inclusive city is our goal.

    Stadslab Maashaven

    Work in progress Maashaven

    … started  from the needs of entrepreneurs and initiators at the Maashaven Zuidzijde to tackle the public space along the quay. In the first instance the focus is on the Maassilo; this is a striking building with historical value and the area around it is the gateway to Charlois. Together with City Development Department of the Municipality of Rotterdam, Stadslab Maashaven was set up in the spring of 2017. The following were involved in the founding: Municipality of Rotterdam, Dit is Zuid Foundation, RAAF, Charlois aan de Water Foundation, Vitibuck Architects, the Maassilo operator, Maashaven Renovation Elevators Foundation (five entrepreneurs along the quay) and AIR.

    … aims to combine forces between existing (citizen) initiatives and show the various interests in the area. For the short term the lab wants activate the area by programming and actions together with different stakeholders. In the long term, we want a sustainable and inclusive development vision for the area around the Maashaven. In the future with the new tidal park the waterfront offers possibilities for the neighborhoods around. Therefore the lab has set up a list of Social Statement of Requirements for future design and tenders, in which the interests of the current residents, entrepreneurs and initiators can be guaranteed.

    … explores a strategic piece of city between the developments in the city center, Kop van Zuid and Hart van Zuid. Within the city lab we give meaning to the area around the Maashaven.

    Stadslab Maashaven is a collaboration between Dit is Zuid, RAAF, Gemeente Rotterdam, Wolbert van Dijk, AIR, Stichting Elevatoren Maashaven, Stichting Charlois aan het Water, Maassilo, Quaker, Karwei, Mıllinxparkhuis, DOCK, TOS, wijkcomite Tarwewijk, wijkraad Afrikaanderwijk, Galerie Niffo, Charlois Speciaal, SIR, gebiedscommissie Charlois, Woonstad, Stebru, Havenbedrijf Rotterdam, Waterschap Hollandse Delta, Hogeschool Rotterdam (EMI), InHolland, Veldacademie, Han van den Born (KCAP) and other stakeholders from the area.  Vitibuck and Dit is Zuid have taken the lead for the first phase.