Sportzaal Tarwewijk

    Tussen twee bestaande scholen van Ad van der Steur is een sportzaal voor de scholen en de wijk gepland. Oud en nieuw vormen hier een geheel – een nieuw kloppend hart voor de Tarwewijk.


    a new beating heart for Tarwewijk

    Old and new an integrated whole

    The location of the new multifunctional sportshall is at the Zwartewaalstraat, along an important former route,  the Dordtsestraatweg, connecting the North and Southside of the city. Today this area is rundown and needs urgent improvement. The neighbourhood misses meetingplaces, greenspaces and playgrounds as part of the “campus-idea” – a green, childfriendly axis through the Tarwewijk till the Maashaven.

    The new complex will be part of the two existing schools of Ad van der Steur, the architect of the famous museum Boymans van Beuningen. The schools are monuments and have robust brickwork architecture. Within this historical context a new building meeting recent requirements will be realized.

    The proposal “A new heart for Tarwewijk” suggests to use the new sportshall also as a meeting place for the neighbourhood. By joining the existing two gymnasiums under one roof, a flexible hall is generated which can be used for different purposes like playing, sporting and meeting. A copper folded roof combines the two schools and integrates in the existing roof construction. The new sports hall fits in geometry, expression and materialization very well with the existing.

    Old and new form an integrated whole – a new beating heart for the Tarwewijk.