The masterplan for the Schepenstraat is a pilot project in the city of Rotterdam; and maybe even for whole of the Netherlands. Inhabitants take over services from the municipality in the context of the Right to Challenge. They have made a masterplan and organise communication and participation. Watch here a movie about Right-to-Challenge.


    A unique parkstreet

    For the first time in Rotterdam inhabitants took over the design, communication and participation process for their own street from the municipality.  The inhabitants are organised as kernTEAM Schepenstraat. The kernTEAM designs a new masterplan for the street in collaboration with the municipality who are responsible for the underground work. The kernTEAM is also responsible for all the communication and the participation process.

    The Schepenstraat is a green street with big old trees in the popular neighbourhood of Blijdorp that is a monument. The new masterplan respects the existing qualities and the unique character of the street as a parkstreet. In this masterplan there is space for the wishes and ideas of the inhabitants. The plan offers customized solutions for the different parts of the street and offers co-management of the green areas after completion of the project.

    Sander Hazevoet from Vitibuck is as inhabitant and designer part of the kernTEAM. Together all the inhabitants engage throughout the whole process depending on their knowledge, experience and professional background to realize a masterplan of quality which answers the technical, functional and aesthetical questions. This project shows how you can manage the step from participation towards ownership in planning!