Placemaking District E

    As an expert in placemaking and programming, Vitibuck was asked by Veldacademie to come up with a concept to make the District E centre development in Eindhoven a reality in the short term.

    Placemaking District E

    The welcome spot of Eindhoven

    The placemaking concept for District E is based on the core values ​​of the new development; Innovation & Technology, Culture & Meeting, exchange of knowledge, gate of Eindhoven & region. The ideas / plans put forward by and discussions held with stakeholders provide input for the further implementation. The concept consists of two factors.

    First, a spatial intervention is developed. A physical base is essential for programming and placemaking in order to permanently bind parties to District E. This way in the coming years, during the construction work and completion of District E, you can experiment with future functions, creating an interactive and learning environment. This building event has a festival character and offers the possibility to flexibly change with the construction site.

    Secondly, joint programming is being set up with the urban cultural network, which connects District E with existing institutions and festivals. The distinctive character of the District E living lab lies in creating continuity and connecting what is already happening in Eindhoven. District E becomes the place of communication and a place for meeting where everyone is welcome. District E becomes the gateway and entrance of the city: the Welcome Spot of Eindhoven.