Maashaven Cinema

    The premiere of the documentary was along the quay at the Maashaven with a breath taking view of the skyline of Rotterdam. The documentary is a collaboration between Vitibuck, architect Gert Jacob de Graaf and filmmaker Andre Pijnappel. The film takes the public back in time and shows the history of this important route to the city, the shipping magnates and the stories of the inhabitants.

    Maashaven Cinema

    The former Dordtsestraatweg

    A historical road which once connected Brussels with Rotterdam is the leading theme of the documentary “De verdwenen Dordtsestraatweg”; a road and its inhabitants, disappeared for the building of the harbour.

    The documentary was screened at the spot where it once was, together with four short films of Young filmmakers from Rotterdam. They also use the city as a background and inspiration for their films.


    In December 2015 the Balkon aan de Maashaven was opened as a public park; an upgrading of this place. The Balkon offers great views of the city and is used as a rest spot for cycling and jogging. But the question stays if it is also a place for the inhabitants of the neighbourhood.

    With an activity showing the rich history of the place it can get a new identity which is linked to the neighbourhood and the inhabitants. The history speaks for itself.

    The Dordtsestraatweg is an important historical route from the city centre towards the south passing the area of what is today the Maashaven. Before the digging of the docks the area was home to some beautiful manor estates of the harbour magnates like the families of Reuchlin, van Peski en Köpcke. A silent witness of the Dordtsestraatweg was for a very long time still visible at the Brielselaan; the ´Doktershuis´ was demolished five years ago. At the crossing of the Brielselaan and the Dordtsestraatweg (now called Hellevoetstraat) there was route signage showing Dordrecht 17 km.

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