Kennisbank Zuid

    Vitibuck is asked as an expert of the area to be the editor of the First collection of the knowledge bank South. This collection is about the developement of the area of the Maashaven in history and towards the future.

    Knowledgebank South

    Maashaven Collection

    In recent years countless research and design projects are done about spatial and social issues in Rotterdam South.Various parties with diverse interests gained knowledge; knowledge which is often not easily accesible. Also there is no overview to use the knowledge effectively for future developments. With the Knowledgebank South Veldacademie has developed an instrument to share knowledge about Rotterdam South.

    The knowledgebank is built up by various collections. These knowledgecollections are defined by place or content. Each collection is managed by an editor who selects only relevant and high quality research.

    The collections give an overview about the knowledge which is already gained. Future students, researchers but also policy-makers easily can see where knowledge gaps are and how to fill them. In the long term the knowledgebank offers the opportunity to use it as a demand-driven platform for experts and different organisations to gatherĀ  and share information.

    Do you want to contribute to the knowledgebank? As a student or professional of one of our partners you can create a profile on our website:

    The knowledgebank is a cooperation between NPRZ, Gemeente Rotterdam, corporatie Woonbron, Stadshavens/ Havenbedrijf Rotterdam, Hogeschool Rotterdam (EMI en RDM) and Veldacademie. The first phase and the first collection, Maashaven, is set up by Vitibuck.