Elevatoren Maashaven

    Vitibuck has been asked by the Foundation Elevators Maashaven to provide insight into the possibilities for reusing the elevators.

    Elevatoren Maashaven

    A new life for the grain elevator

    After years of decline, the last elevators at the Maashaven near the Maassilo have been adopted by a group of entrepreneurs who have united in the “Elevators Maashaven Foundation”. The aim of the foundation is to renovate two of the three (grain) elevators with associated towers, walkways and walking deck on the Maashaven Zuidzijde. The renovation project is an employment project together with young people with a distance to the labor market from neighboring neighborhoods.

    Vitibuck has been asked by the entrepreneurs to provide insight into the possibilities for transformation and reuse.

    The elevators stand as proud witnesses of a rich history for the identity of the Tarwewijk and its inhabitants. That is why it is important to preserve them for future generations and to give the stories and the history they stand for a place in future developments around / in the Maashaven.

    There were once 18 elevators in the Maashaven. These were partly floating elevators and were used for grain handling. The current three elevators are the last of their kind in the Maashaven and form a characteristic image together with the Maassilo.