Vitibuck organised for Charlois aan het Water together with Dit is Zuid and Gert Jacob de Graaf a very special boat excursion along the last grain elevators in the harbour of Rotterdam. During the excursion at the Maashaven and also at the Leuvehaven the story of the grain transhipment as the source for the growth of the harbour of Rotterdam is told.


    The story of the stationary and floating grain elevators

    For one day it is possible to visit the grain elevator at the Maashaven and the floating elevator in the Leuvehaven. With the boat you can travel from South to North and back again and enjoy the guided tour. On the Southside there is an exhibition about the history of the elevators and the GEM (Grain Elevators Company). On the north side the floating city elevator can be seen especially for this day operative and put on steam.


    Today’s Rotterdam is mainly built upon the success of the grain industry. The Maashaven is renowned as the grain harbour where the rich history is still visible in the Maassilo and the grain elevators. The unused grain elevators are restored by entrepreneurs from Rotterdam who work together with young unemployed residents of the adjacent neighbourhoods. As a first step two elevators got a new glass facade to protect the steel structure from further decay. For more information see also Stichting Renovatie Elevatoren Maashaven.

    With special thanks to:

    Stichting Bevordering van Volkskracht, Gebiedscommissie Charlois, Gemeente Rotterdam, Stichting Rotterdamse Graanelevator, Maritiem Museum, Stichting Elevatoren Maashaven, Havenbedrijf Rotterdam, RAAF