Vitibuck has developed an educational program for Charlois aan het Water to stimulate primary school children in the South of Rotterdam to get to know their living environment better and introduce them to water management. The lessons are rounded up by a bike excursion along the dikes of the South.


    Educational program on the dikes of South

    Vitibuck has developed an educational program for primary school children in collaboration with the BMX-Fietsschool and Gert Jacob de Graaf architect. This program wants to introduce children in Rotterdam South to water management and dikes. They get lessons about dikes by building them in the class and by cycling on them in their neighbourhood.

    The children build in group’s models of villages and polders by diking marshland. They check if their dikes are high and strong enough to resist the rising sea level.

    Outside the children get cycling lessons on a BMX bike. Driving abilities are alternated with traffic regulations. Together with the instructors they challenge the dikes which add an extra dimension to the cycling lessons.

    At the end of the program the children cycle a route along the dikes of Rotterdam South; a coloured parade of bikes on the dikes of Charlois!


    This educational program contributes to a healthy city by activating children to sport and develop their cycling skills but also by teaching  them about water management, the dikes and a healthy living environment.

    Water plays an important role in the urban delta metropolis. The Netherlands are world famous for their water engineering. During the lessons the children are introduced to water issues. The creative way of teaching stimulates the fantasy of the children and they learn how to work together.

    With the sportive component they learn to cycle and more about traffic regulations. This prepares them to participate in the busy urban traffic. Research  shows that 50% of the children in the South of Rotterdam can’t cycle. Cycling offers the children an accessible way to get some exercise and outdoor sport facilities. By leaning cycling they can also widen their radius of action.


    The educational program is free for schools from the South of Rotterdam.

    With special thanks to:

    Gebiedscommissie Charlois, Woonstad Rotterdam, Havenbedrijf Rotterdam, Gemeente Rotterdam, Stichting Bevordering van Volkskracht, Waterschap Hollandse Delta,  OBS De Globe