Als er één schaap over de dijk is …

    The sheep and the blue benches on the dike at the Brielselaan are a temporary action to give attention to a different use of the dike as a natural element and a connection towards the water.

    If one sheep has crossed the dam…

    An different view of the dike

    The Dutch have a saying “if one sheep has crossed the dam, others will follow”.  This saying has been literally put into practice by introducing sheep’s as natural grazers on the dike.

    The sheep ensure a natural vegetation; different sorts of flowers and plants will grow.  The presence of the flock has an added value to the spatial experience of the dike and brings nature into the city. Especially for urban children this is a funny and educating experience.

    The arrival of the sheep has been celebrated in an informal setting with more than 250 school children from the neighbourhood. During the stay of the sheep our project team has talked to the children, their parents and other inhabitants. How do they see the road crossing at this moment? What can be improved? How can you use the dike in a better way? What is needed therefore? These interviews give a good picture of the users, the dike and it’s potential.


    The accessibility of the quay of the Maashaven is not good. A link between the neighbourhood and the water is missing. The biggest obstacle is de crossing of the Brielselaan.

    There are two reasons for this; the dike as a sea defence forms a physical barrier and there are no good road crossings. The quay along the Maashaven will be developed in the future as bustling recreational waterfront. Therefore the accessibility of the quay has to have priority.

    With special thanks:  gebiedscommissie Charlois, Woonstad Rotterdam, Platform 31, OBS De Globe and Burgerblauw