Activiteitencentrum Oostvaardersplassen

    The area of Oostvaardersplassen is an unparalleled wilderness in the Netherlands. The new activity center functions as an entrance to nature and will strengthen the experience of the Oostvaardersplassen.




    To strengthen the recreational possibilities of the Oostvaardersplassen and to present the development of the area to a greater public, Staatsbosbeheer (this is the managing organ of the nature reserves/parks in the Netherlands) asked for a vision for the development of the Oostvaardersland and a new information center. In our proposal the area will be transformed in such a way that visitors can experience all the different landscape types of the Oostvaardersplassen within walking distance from the new information center. This makes the area attractive and educational for divers public. Young families explore the Oostvaardersland by feet, scholars by canoe and bird-watchers by bike. Around the building there will be short nature trails. You can reach from here the children’s playground with themes like water, clay, willows and forest through platforms. There is also a nature camping area and longer trails for biking, hiking, riding and canoeing. Situated in the heart of the nature reserve, the building forms literally the centre for (nature) activities. A flexible grid of columns and beams offer an open spatial structure where interior and exterior intertwines.